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VMEC RECOVERY FORUM - Shared screen with speaker view
Carla Wuthrich
I can imagine the questions stewing...feel free to put them into the chat room...
Carla Wuthrich
IF you want your question to be anonymous, you can send it to me or Robynn personally I(n the chat room) and we can pose them anonymously
Carla Wuthrich
please complete poll so that the panelists have a better idea how to answer your questions. We will be closing it in 2 min
Christopher Paulk
What are some of the basic "At home controls" we can do to be more cyber-secure?
William Biederman
would love to see how we can improve connections as the state of internet in Vermont is still terrible.
William Biederman
yesterday for most of the afternoon consolidated was out completely, OTT is horrendous.
Adam Bull
What kind of guidelines should be set for users who use email on their phones?