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VMEC RECOVERY FORUM _ MAY 20, 2020_MOVING FORWARD - Shared screen with speaker view
Carla Wuthrich
Please use the chat feature for your Questions...
Carla Wuthrich
Carla Wuthrich
Gentle nudge to complete the poll...only half of you have...: )
Julie Basol
can’t take the poll with my iPad. 😣
Fran Tobin
If an employee returns from out of state and is unable to work remotely at home during the quarantine, are they eligible for unemployment during the state mandated 14 day quarantine order? (or 7+ days if they test negative)
Fran Tobin
Screening - we developed a verification log that needs to be signed upon arrival.
William Driscoll
What thoughts/advice would panelists share on the challenges and strategies in training/briefing large numbers of employees (managing in-person gatherings, success or challenges in online communications, etc.), and have any attendees faced difficulties? Found solutions?
Fran Tobin
I'm curious how others are managing the thermometers at work
Christopher Alibozek
Is it acceptable to post a notice on the entrance door that states, "By entering this facility you agree you do not have a temperature above 100.4F", you have not traveled from out of state, etc.
Fran Tobin
Kristina: Do you need to "secure" a verification form if employees are just verifying that they don't have any symptoms or traveled out of state in last 14 days? No PHI shared
Jen Kazmierczak
If employees were to check their temperature before coming to work and logged it as part of a daily health survey app, would that suffice? We are having employees pre-screen currently and wonder if both the pre-screen and also doing this at work will be necessary once we get thermometers (we have them on order).
Fran Tobin
thank you
Rick Gramlin
Is FMLA COVID help available for company with 20 employees?
Jen Kazmierczak
Thank you!
Fran Tobin
We have designated several health & safety site officers due to multiple locations and shifts. Also, temp checks require getting up close to the individual. Are we in compliance if employee takes own temp at work and verifying on log?
William Driscoll
Steve & Co.: the mask alternative for employees with medical or other problems with masks has come up before. Should there be a medical or other determination before alternatives to masks are acceptable?